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Alaska Ice is a family owned and operated business located in Anchorage, Alaska. 


Alaska Ice, LLC first year of business started as Ice Vending Machine operators, placing machines strategically from Anchorage down to the Kenai Peninsula at all ocean access locations and a well-known gas station.  After hearing all the positive feedback from customers and management, we were asked to take our business to the next level and start distribution.  Our devotion, reliability, and customer service to all our clientele drove our expansion.


Our factory is located here in Anchorage; however, our expanded coverage area extends North to Fairbanks and as far South as Homer. 

Our family consists of several multi-talented people who have pulled together to use their individual skills for the betterment of Alaska Ice.

  • Jodi Durrett will be happy to assist with anything customer service related, including scheduling, STAT delivery Services, contracts, and ensuring your total satisfaction

  • Marcus Durrett and Dan Hultquist are the perfect combination of everything that makes this company run smoothly: maintenance, plumbing, construction, and deliveries

  • Our Promise: ensuring customer satisfaction by upholding our reputation for reliability - a promise we keep  


Everyone is always shocked when they hear us say we sell ice in Alaska.  The interesting part: we sell more ice per capita in a 4-month period than many states in the “lower 48” over a whole year. 



Here at Alaska Ice, we want to ensure that you, the public, will never experience the frustration of needing ice and not finding it. 

  • never let you run out of ice

  • ensure that your ice is high quality filtered and purified

  • your ice will always be fresh and ready

  • your deliveries will be consistent and timely

  • With the convenience of emergency STAT ice delivery services

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